I have been doing this for a long time and I have seen a few bad gym habits in my time. Are you doing any of these? I am too. Try to avoid these for better results. The good news is that to have bad gym habits, you have had to have been in a gym for some period of time. That’s a good thing.

Head forward and down. Some of us throw our head down and forward to gain leverage when lifting heavy stuff. This is called ‘cheating’ and is like whiplash or tech-neck but much more repetitive. Doing really spastic things to gain momentum and leverage (‘kipping’ is a great example) helps you achieve the opposite of what you coming to the gym for in the first place.

Arching low back while exercising. This poor posture habit leads to many repetitive stress injuries and sets you up for acute low back injuries. Squeeze your butt and gut to keep this from happening on all exercises.

Duck feet. This posture flaw causes even more problems when you add weight to your already smashed-down arches. It also ads to medial knee stress and sets you up for a future ACL/MCL injury.

Staying on the balls of your feet on every exercise. This overloads your calf and soleus muscles even more, which causes more duck feet and eventually puts you onto a walker. Drive your heels into the floor when exercising.

Switching the routine too often, like every workout. Too much workout and energy system variation is just as bad as not enough. You are guaranteed to spin your wheels a little without a plan for an exercise period of 8-12 weeks with some thoughtful progression mixed in.

Doing the same routine until you get bored and quit. People join a gym, workout and get great results for 2-3months, see the results diminish (because they are doing the same workout), then quit because it didn’t work for them. You must re-challenge yourself every 8-12 weeks after you have adapted to the current routine. Or is this just a genius way to get out of having to workout more than a couple months per year?

Ditch the Stretch. Have you ever said this after a workout? “I’ll stretch at home.” Yeah, and I’ll stop being sarcastic!

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