Don’t get stuck in a workout rut. Many beginners get stuck because they just don’t know how to create variation in their workouts. Science tells us over and over that we must change our routine about every 30-90 days to keep getting results and even just to maintain!
Try adding the push-pull concept to your workouts to fight boredom and to make progress.
All push-pull means is that you go back and forth between opposing muscle groups throughout a workout non-stop. For example, on a leg workout you would combine a hamstring (back of the thighs) with a quad exercise (front of the thighs). Combine a squat with a straight leg deadlift or combine inner thigh with outer thigh. You can do several variations this way to make a 30 minute resistance training/cardio workout all in one!

The benefit to this type of training is that you can get more volume done in less time. This increases your intensity and gets you out of the gym faster. This gets you in shape faster and puts you in a better mood faster.

Push-pull or opposing muscle group training forces your body to pump much more blood to muscles. This creates a 4 alarm fire for the metabolism. This is also a way to use resistance training to get a cardiovascular benefit without doing hours of boring static cardio.

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