No, not the milk diet. Diet milk. Why don’t we call it that? Have you ever wondered why some diet foods are labeled “diet” and others are labeled “fat-free” or “low-fat”.

If you have read any of my stuff you know that I detest this silly deceptive marketing malarkey. Food manufacturers have been doing this since processed food began. Diet milk or ‘Skim milk’is an old name that describes skimming the cream off of milk to feed it to pigs. That’s enough information to make any milk commercial model gag!

The controversy continues about dairy as the milk industryslowly crumbles. There are many foods that we are better off not knowing the processing process. Dairy is one of them. If you enjoy your weird dairy products, by all means it is your right to so have fun. I think that most people should avoid it, mostly because consuming breastmilk from a different species is weird, and because of facts about milk product production.

By the way, chocolate milk is not a sports supplement. It’s junk food at best. Delicious, but not healthy. I almost can’t believe that sugar, milk and chocolate is being peddled to unsuspecting athletes as ‘a great post-workout health drink”.

Just because we can eat something doesn’t mean that we should, but we are human and we like to try new stuff – like breastmilk from another animal. When we are really hungry, for days or weeks or even minutes of not constantly eating, we’ll eat almost anything – like breastmilk from another animal. I bet that this is how we started drinking milk. Once a means of survival, now it’s a 20 billion dollar per year government subsidized business.

Here are some facts about milk that I find interesting:
• Homogenization causes proteins to bypass your gut and go directly into your blood stream assisting with the scarring of your arteries.
• The calcium in milk is unusable to humans but does increase your acidity, which by the way, is bad. Try absorbable calcium from green plants instead. Definitely avoid pills like Tums or Caltrate for calcium.
• The pesticides and hormones used in cow feed are passed along to you. But don’t worry, our government has deemed these toxic chemicals to be safe – you can trust them.
• Cow’s milk is good for calves (baby cows) and therefore nutritionally different than our milk, because cows are different than us and we are different than cows.
• Dairy (actually mucus) often increases mucus production in humans and causes many other types of inflammation – which is bad. This is why doctors tell you to avoid dairy when you are sick or taking medications. If milk were healthy, doctors would tell you to drink it during sickness.
• No other species drinks milk from another speciesor drinks milk at all beyond weaning unless they are starving because it is freaky-weird. (Freaky-weird is not an evidence-based adjective)

My opinion? Milk is absolutely necessary for Oreo consumption and I love heavy cream in my coffee, but it’s not even close to healthy! By the time you drink it, it has been changed into a highly processed, man-made compound that only impedes health. Eliminate it or at least minimize your intake to lose weight and get healthy. Stick to organic raw cheese, yogurt and sour cream products because they are fermented and contain enzymes so you can possibly digest them. It’s tough to get around the homogenization process since ‘the man’ puts mom and pop farmers in jail all the time for not spinning their milk – so if you can find it, enjoy it but don’t tell anyone.

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