As a country we’re much fatter than we have ever been. Eating fat is not making us fat – we eat far more sugar than fat. Over the last 4 decades, healthy meat and fat consumption has trended downward while sugar consumption has risen. During that time we have added artificial sweeteners, artificial fats (trans-fats) and GMO food and our obesity rates have skyrocketed along with cancer and neurological illnesses.

The dumb advice of nutrition ‘experts’ is making us fat. The low-fat diet is a great example of this. The demonization of healthy meats and fats has trickled down to pop-nutrition-culture so that everyone knows that fatty foods are bad for you.

Here is what is really making you fat (in my opinion):

A society based on stress, fear and anxiety (that’s basically it… but here are some added sub-factors for your entertainment)

Sitting Disease – (Americans now sit for an average of 7 hours per day)

Eating way too much sugar and cheap GMO carbs (cookies, crackers, wine, M&Ms, etc.)

Eating vegetarian and vegan approved pasta, bread and soy processed junk

Avoiding any type of intense physical exertion and discomfort at all costs

Eating a politically correct diet (basically avoiding all healthy fats and all meats)

Avoiding weight training because it makes us bulky

Eating no carbs or fat, only to secretly binge on them later

Looking at workout apps on the phone instead of actually working out

Eliminate bad fats from your diet, but eliminating all fats and cholesterol is very irresponsible advice based on the evidence that screams that we need it.

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