Most of the health problems that guys deal with are from a poor diet and lots of stress. This two punch combo defeats our efforts in the gym. This quick list of foods that you are missing will help with the poor nutrition part of the equation. An unhealthy diet adds even more stress on top of the pile. Conversely, men can improve their mood and stress level by eating better foods.

Add the following foods to feel and look better:

Garlic- Eat a few cloves every day. It has too many benefits to list them all. It’s an anti-inflammatory, a prebiotic, great for the immune system, easy to prepare and add to other foods, very easy to grow and awesome on your breath.

Seaweed- Yep. Seaweed. It’s a great source of calcium, iodine and potassium. It’s easy to throw into other dishes and to impress your up-valley friends. And it’s a way to avoid eating any more kale.

Sweet Potatoes- A big problem with the low carb diet fad (yes, you’re following a fad) is energy loss due to lowered carb intake, among other things. Ditch carbs like bread, pasta and sugary junk and replace with vegetable carbs. This will help you back off the energy drinks and coffee because you won’t be dragging from the artificial energy (AE) crash. Cook a bunch on the weekend and eat them cold throughout the week.

Vegetable Proteins- Chronically eating too much cheap meat creates too much inflammation in some of us. Don’t misunderstand – eating high quality meat is very healthy – we just eat too much poor quality “mystery meat”. Diversify your protein portfolio with a good veggie based protein like pea protein and hempseed protein. Slam a quick smoothie before work so you can avoid the ‘death by convenience-store breakfast sandwich’.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar- Chug a couple of tablespoons of this stuff every day to help balance pH, improve gut health and freak out your family members. Try a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water for a similar effect. Stop comping down anti-acid pills!

Fish- Eat some halibut, trout and salmon and many other varieties to boost omega fatty acid balance (critical to cellular health) and balance out protein sources to reduce the inflammation caused by a red meat and processed meat diet. Go wild-caught of course – there is no healthy farm raised fish.

Broccoli- Nothing too exciting here, but this stuff gives you a lot of fiber, water, vitamins, it’s easy to throw in a lunch box and it just looks healthy. Men need more fiber and green vegetables; broccoli covers both. And they say we can’t multi-task.

Soup- Healthy soup, not the junk out of a can. Make some bone-broth soup with lots of veggies. This will make it look like you are “cooking” and get some very beneficial nutrients into your toxified manly body. Soup is very simple to make and store. Fill a big thermos for the job site. Just don’t heat it up in a plastic bowl in the microwave in front of any health nuts!

Water- Drink 2 big glasses when you wake up and 2 more before bed along with whatever equation you decide to use to calculate how much water you should drink. I recommend using the “which water intake equation works for you App” to figure this out instead of just drinking some water all willy-nilly without researching anything. You’re probably chronically dehydrated and this will help your heart, kidneys, digestion along with every cell in your body.

Walnuts- Loaded with fiber, protein, selenium, magnesium and more omega 3’s. They make you smarter because they look like little brains, but this has not been absolutely proven by scientists yet as they are most certainly working diligently on proving something no one can understand.

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