One thing that the wide range of medical practitioners agree upon is that exercise is medicine. There are several important medically necessary functions that are dependent upon regular exercise that we all know about:

• mental function
• nervous system function
• injury recovery
• digestion
• hormone regulation
• muscle and bone function
• lymphatic system function

Finally some common ground among the endlessly arguing health know-it-alls! Various practitioners from all cultures and ideologies all agree that we need to move, a lot, in order to keep happy and healthy. Nobody can agree on which multi-vitamin to take, but we all agree that exercise is truly medicinal.

Exercise is both preventative medicine and acute medicine.

Proper exercise prevents most illness. Think of it like this, if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle enough to crave exercise every day, you’re doing it right. You’ll avoid most of the common pitfalls that get people unhealthy by doing what it takes to keep moving.

If you hate exercise, you’re doing it wrong. You are forcing your body to cut corners on your health. You have to find a way to get it or eliminate as many negative factors from your life to allow your body to exercise.

The acute medicine part of exercise is therapy for injuries or poor lifestyle choices. Nowadays, almost every type of health related therapy imaginable involves exercise and movement of some kind. Why? Because it is very inexpensive, has very few negative side effects, is available to everyone and more effective than any other therapy.

Keep taking your medicine!

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