There are no exercises to avoid. I just read that headline in a popular fitness magazine that was loaded with weight-loss-pill commercials delivered to us by 20 something photoshopped models and actors.

It’s not the exercise, it’s how you do it. Fitness expert-idiots have been changing their tune for decades about which exercises are the best, based on modern technology of course.

It is my experience that people cannot use proper technique and form with any exercise. A wise musician friend of mine once said, “It ain’t the axe, it’s who’s chopping!”

Translation: The exercises don’t matter because it’s always about the individual.

The people who are in the best shape are not so because they know how to pick the best magic exercises from an article that they read in fitness-bimbo-magazine. They work hard. They have self-discipline. They stop at nothing to get it right. They ask for feedback. They constantly self-educate. They exhaust every possibility to succeed.

Each of us react differently to the same old exercises that have been around forever. You must carefully experiment to find out what gives you the best muscle activation. Feeling the muscle that you are trying to target, regardless of the recommendations from expert-idiots, is the way to find this out. Expert-idiots will change the “10 best exercises” as soon as you figure out how to do them.

“Feel the burn” is a funny gym cliché that works well because people understand it. That is why I suspect that the phrase has been replaced with muscle activation – it sounds more ‘techy’ and evidence based. If you have performed an exercise several times and you can’t “feel the burn” from it, you need to move on. This ongoing experiment needs to be performed with the knowledge of proper biomechanics, which has not been altered by expert-idiots.

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