All of us personal trainers are told by medical experts that spot reduction does not exist – unless ‘they’ do it with surgery. I disagree often with the medical establishment based on 26 years of observations that contradict most of what they declare as facts. Remember that the vast majority of medical practice is based on observations, not theoretical research.

Research on the topic is inconclusive at best. One study show this, another shows that; there is little that is definitive. But relatively recent research has indicated that muscle uses fat closest to it for energy when properly stimulated. That makes sense as we are finding that the body is much smarter than any medical researcher could possibly test.

A study done by B. Stallknecht in 2007 show that spot reduction is possible. Old bodybuilders swore that they could reduce belly fat by doing insane amounts of core work. They would also add heat and compression to the area by wearing various embarrassing neoprene waist belts. We know that overall fat utilization is better with heat and better circulation. Fatty areas of the body are often colder than muscular ones.

My grandfather was a butcher and I spent a lot of time around people who know about quality meat production. These people know that the finest marbling (interstitial fat) comes from the most docile animals. Fat also tends to develop in less muscular-work areas around the belly and organs and less around the shoulders and buttocks. Could it be because muscles were using local fat sources? The body is smarter than we are – we ship low-quality stuff back and forth to China instead of locally sourcing anything.

My conclusion is that nobody really knows – still. How pathetic…

I suggest that you try spot reduction for yourself. What do you have to lose by doing more core work? Why not do more arm exercises to get rid of arm-flab? Just don’t give yourself a repetitive stress injury doing it and don’t throw your other fat burning techniques out the window either.

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