I love to rip on most dairy products for being unhealthy, disgusting and deceiving, but butter is the exception. Butter is a special dairy product in my expert opinion. Grass-fed butter is health food.

I’m not talking about the mass-produced, homogenized, pasteurized fake junk at the grocery store. I’m talking about the healthy, but often illegal butter that you can get from local farmers who haven’t been shut down yet by the feds. Butter peddling or “buttering” is a serious federal offense.

Butter was first attacked during the advent of hydrogenated oils around the turn of the 1900’s. Butter people protested against hydrogenated oils because they knew how weird it was to make cheap seed oil into fake ‘spread’ using magic.

Their initial efforts failed but determined scientists and doctors, desperately trying to justify their existence, pushed hydrogenated oils again after WWII, this time with more advancements in science and lots of marketing BS. They were successful at fooling most of western society into believing that butter contains cholesterol and cholesterol is the worst thing on earth, duping reasonably savvy eaters into choking down buckets of cheap seed oil based “spread” to lower their cholesterol.

Our health has vastly deteriorated since then, but it’s difficult to nail down the exact doctor recommended cause. With so much advice from so many expert scientists, it’s hard to tell which of it is healthy and which is killing us.

The good news is that quality butter is still healthy and delicious.

Here are some great reasons to stick to eating a reasonable amount of grass-fed butter instead of hydrogenated oils and seed oils:

• Butter is delicious (that should be enough right there)
• Butter contains cholesterol (we need cholesterol)
• Butter is loaded with healthy fats
• It’s fermented so it contains healthy enzymes
• It has many uses
• Butter can take the heat of frying
• Contains Vitamin K and other essential fat-soluble vitamins
• Butter has Essential Fatty Acids
• Butter is real food, not science fiction quackery

As usual, Europeans do butter (and most food) way better than us. Why? They use cultured, real cream. This means that it’s fermented or ‘clabbered’ and it makes a difference in the flavor, quality, fat content, color and taste.

American farmers know how to make great butter too, it’s just hard for them to compete with federal government backed, giant multinational corporations that comprise and control our dairy industry.

Fact: Over 56 celebrity-freaks banked on the “Got Milk” campaign because mad scientists know that we believe and trust celebrities for their vast nutrition knowledge and that we would latch on to the promotion once we knew that our favorite ‘characters’ drink milk too.

Mom and pop operations can’t afford celebrity freaks to endorse their butter, but I would pay a little extra to make select celebrities eat a whole stick of butter for the commercials.

I say eat real butter and support the local farmers who make it. Throw out the heart-healthy hydrogenated oil ‘spread’ and stop letting mad scientists tell you what to eat!

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