Question: How do you fix people who sit in chairs too much?

Answer: Squats.

Originally started by orthopedic doctors, this myth may qualify to be a “Super-Myth” which exists merely to get out of doing squats and to sell knee surgery. First of all, if you are human, you must squat. Squats are an essential movement you will perform many times throughout the day. When you eliminate this movement, problems begin.

Poor squat mechanics can be associated with all kind of issues. A good trainer can tell what you have been doing just by looking at your squat mechanics. In fact, good squats are what your knees were designed for. Infants and young children will squat for hours while playing on the floor with near perfect technique. Once we educate them to sit, all bio-mechanics go down the drain. I could argue that sitting in a chair causes exponentially more problems than squatting ever will. In fact, I make a living from the invention of the chair!

Develop good habits from the start and don’t stop. If you are new to fitness, learn to squat properly by conditioning yourself slowly; it will take time to undo years or even decades of bad habits. Work yourself up to the ability to stay in a proper squat for 5 minutes. In 26 years as a trainer, I have seen people eliminate back, knee and foot pain just by perfecting their squat. It takes some effort, but it really works.

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