You need to add some explosiveness to your workouts. Explosive movements with a kettlebell, a rotational trainer, or with regular old dumbbells can add punch to your workouts by forcing more caloric usage. Explosiveness or forced acceleration/deceleration is what every athlete is looking for and where all “training” began.

Explosiveness is a way to describe ‘picking up the pace’. Pace matters.

Your body uses more energy to make more power. Power is Work divided by Time. If you lift a kettlebell 50 times in one minute vs. 75 times in one minute, which lift had more power? It takes more power to lift a KB 25 more times in one minute. It is an advantage to do more work in less time.

We know this about cardio too. Static cardio at a moderate pace has it’s purpose, but sprint intervals are what really get people lean and fit. This is where HIIT comes from. It takes much more neuro-recruitment to force your body to move faster. Waking up your nervous system is a good thing. Science is finding that this is one of the keys to helping people with neurological issues like MS and Parkinson’s disease.

You are not a slave to your genetics! Science has proven that genetic expression changes depending on intention. Don’t think that you can’t improve because you are overloaded with too many “slow-twitch” fibers. Anyone can make the most of their fitness time by practicing explosive exercises!

That being said, don’t be ‘that guy’ in the gym, throwing weights around with poor form because trainer-guy told you to go fast. You must use good form! Just simply move a little faster for better results.

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