Toe-spring can be identified in almost all running shoes and many other athletic shoes. This upward lift of the toe box (usually about a 15% lift) alters the function of the feet. This mechanical flaw is mostly bad for us in my opinion because it puts more stress on the plantar fascia.

It’s at least as bad as wearing heels. (This gives you heel-wearers some ammunition against jocks because their shoes are just as unhealthy but they look terrible!)

Although running shoes are now a fashion statement, they were initially designed for running performance. Please remember that performance has nothing to do with health and longevity. Performance cars don’t last long, but they’re fun to race in. Racing puts stress on all components.

Another example of stuff that looks healthy, but isn’t, is sports. High performance athletes are the furthest thing from healthy. They may look great for a while, but just about every high performance athlete starts limping too early in life from the collateral damage of performance enhancement techniques.

The last thing you want to do is jack around with your big toe by smashing it upward all the time. Big toe problems transfer pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

I think that footwear with toe spring is overall a bad thing. I still have to wear the latest fitness fashion footwear at work, but I stick to open toe, high arch sandals like Chacos when I’m not playing personal trainer. My advice is to spend less time in the trendy performance shoes and more time in ‘hippie sandals’ as my dad used to refer to them.

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