What’s the best diet for maintaining a healthy weight and warding off chronic diseases? Is it a low-carb diet, a high-carb diet, an all-vegetable diet, a no-vegetable diet?

I say you’d be better off just forgetting the word diet!

In the end, people only get confused thinking that one diet is superior to another, when in fact changes in lifestyle, not diet types, is the true way to prevent weight gain and help prevent diabetes and circulatory disease.

The amount of resources that have gone into studying ‘what’ to eat is incredible, and years of research indicate that it doesn’t really matter, as long as overall calories are reduced. What does matter is ‘how’ to eat, as well as other things like physical activity and figuring out how to stay on track long term.

We have all had moderate success with various types of diet that focus on macronutrients: protein, fat or carbohydrates; but regardless of diet, without a lifestyle change, the weight comes back.

Lifestyle trumps diet

So where do we start? Learn how to control portions, reduce high-calorie foods and be selective at restaurants, exercise consistently and learn to stay motivated and understand hunger.

The way you eat within a lifestyle change can be low-fat, low-carb, etc. It doesn’t necessarily matter. In fact, at least one study compared a low-fat lifestyle with a low-carb lifestyle, and it made no difference. The food itself isn’t the only factor to changing your lifestyle; it is also the behavior and mental changes that have to happen.

Why diets go wrong

We have all tried dieting and have all failed, why? We have no time to cook the required meals or exercise; being too stressed out, having family members bring junk food home; not having anyone to exercise with, or feeling awkward exercising; and feeling hungry all the time. Or we make extreme changes that can never last long term.

We all understand which foods are healthful and unhealthful. So we need to find ways to make healthy choices part of our daily routine. We also all know about the fad diets out there and have tried most. We know that if we can’t stick to eating that way forever then everything we lose will eventually come back.

Britt’s tip-
Remember there is no quick fix for weight loss. It takes time but if done right it can be easy and can last long term. Stop the mindless eating and pay attention to what you’re putting in you. You may be surprised how easy it is to make the little changes you need to be successful.

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