I have always considered myself athletic and have participated in athletics since I was a young child. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball-it did not matter I would play it. I even played college softball at Mesa State University. In 2010, one of my girlfriends gave me some of her old “fat” clothes since she had lost some weight. We are both competitive and I am sure she did it to motivate me. It worked. I took a look at a picture of me and my sisters and I realized 10 years at a desk job 8 hours a day had taken its toll. My family has a history of heart issues and with my 40th birthday looming the following year, I knew I needed to make a change. That is when I spoke to Brittney about helping me make a change.

Although, growing up I was a gym rat the idea of working out in a gym was not my cup of tea. I started gradually doing the home fitness videos, couch to 5K it made minimal changes but I had hit a plateau.

About that same time, Midland Fitness was opening in Glenwood and I decided to start taking the boxing classes. I started to do Britt’s programming this past January. I felt like I needed something to train for and we decided to do the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day. I fought the idea as I fight most activities involving cardio, but I came to her classes religiously and did not realize that although we had not ran a 10K each week, my cardio endurance was improving. I never thought that at the age of 45 I would run a 10k and would still participate in the activities I loved as a child.

Thanks Britt for keeping me young at heart.

Alicia Crandell, Alpine Bank Loan Administrator

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