The ‘cheat meal’ is an important component for people that enjoy food and still want to be healthy. If you are in ‘weight-loss mode’ or just trying to maintain, the cheat meal concept can help.

The idea is that you allow yourself some regularly scheduled indulgences while staying on track with your nutrition. The cheat meal satisfies the craving and helps you get over it so you can get back to healthy food. This works for many people. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s really just moderation.

However if you are a serious addict, the cheat meal can stimulate a binge. Sugary cheats are especially dangerous because it’s so highly addictive – more ‘Mericans are addicted to sugar than all drugs combined but nobody is signing petitions to fight sugar.

There is a delicate balance of psycho/emotional factors going on at this point and you need to work on overall self-control and moderation – you’ll never succeed without it.

If you qualify to be a cheater here are some tips:

Cheat on intense workout days. You will burn many more calories on days with lots of activity or an intense workout. A little planning and timing goes a long way.

Cheat with healthy junk food. Healthy junk food is junk food that is made with good ingredients. Remember, it’s the chemicals and GMOs in modern frankenfood that make us sick and fat. Yes, we eat too many calories, but one can work off too many calories while endocrine disruption from multiple chemicals is a much bigger battle and makes weight loss a lot tougher.

Cheat in the morning. Wait until the next morning to have the giant piece of homemade pie as you will assimilate it much better than slamming it down before bed.

Enjoy your cheat. You work hard at eating right, so make your cheat meal enjoyable. Feel good about indulging on your favorite junk after going all week without stuffing your face with sugar and chemicals.

Bonus tip for alcoholics! Alcohol is all bad for you, but when you must have it in an emergency situation to avoid violence, choose higher quality, cleaner varieties. Mass produced alcohol is total poison (why do you think they don’t have to list the ingredients).

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