I never eat food that is labeled “fat-free”. There are many versions of this deceiving marketing ploy. Low-fat, non-fat, fat free, cholesterol-free, heart healthy all sound good – especially if you have been deceived into thinking that eating fat makes you fat.

I look for foods with the label “whole-fat” or “totally fat” or combination phrases that are appealing to me like “fat and bulky” or “heavy and fat.”

Fat-free means this to me:
Highly processed
High sugar
High chemical enhancement
The fat was chemically extracted and replaced with what? Sugar? Chemicals? Something else highly processed? Yes.
Taste free
Texture free
Free of vitamins and nutrients that can only come from fat
Free of the most efficient energy source – fat.
Healthy fats are essential to our function. In fact, many of them are technically defined as so. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are essential because you can’t make them – therefore you must get them from the diet.

My advice to avoid anything with the deceiving labeling of “Fat-Free” or any other silly marketing lies listed above. You need to read labels, but also work to eliminate eating foods with labels. Most whole foods have no label because you know what it is already!

I see many people who are trying to lose weight who also eat a virtually fat-free diet, desperately trying to avoid “fatty” foods. They eat “fat-free” processed meals. They eat lots of packaged foods that are labeled “fat-free” and have many unpronounceable ingredients. They often fill the caloric void with sugar – it takes twice as much sugar to make up for the same calories of fat.

The fat-free revolution is a proven failure, over and over again. I think that it has caused much more dis-health that any other doctor recommended dietary guideline. Just look at the epidemic of Type II Diabetes. Neurological illnesses like Parkinson’s disease and MS have skyrocketed since the media machine began the “fat-free” campaign.

If fat-free works, then why does our country continually get sicker and fatter each year?
You must cut out bad fats, mostly all sugars, anything genetically modified and most chemicals to get lean!

Eat healthy fats, but stay within your calories regardless of your food choices. If you are the vegetarian/vegan type, you must be even more careful to add EFAs to your diet as they are literally essential for your brain and nervous system, your skin, to get fat-soluble vitamins and many other benefits.

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