There are some dysfunctional patterns that I see in many ladies’ training that lead to common injuries.

Problem: Tight adductors (inner thighs) usually from overdoing it on exercise, crossing legs and ladylike sitting posture.

Solution: Stretch inner thighs, stop crossing your legs, do more outer thigh work, (glute medius), than you do for inner thighs.

Problem: Weak gluteus medius (outer, upper butt cheeks) usually from overdoing it on inner thighs, crossing legs, ladylike posture and life in general. This allows for “knock knees” and poor knee alignment that leads to knee and hip problems.

Solution: Strengthen gluteus medius with monster walks, adductor machine, side steps on treadmill and side leg raises on the floor like Jane Fonda. (leg warmers optional)

Problem: Weak glute maximus from sitting on it all day and not using it enough. Instead you’re loading quads like the day is long. This leads to a sore back and knee problems.

Solution: Strengthen gluteus maximus with various hip bridges on the floor, abductor machine, deep squats and lunges.

Problems: Knee pain from tight quads due to using them for everything because nothing else is firing because it is not stimulated enough.

Weak hamstrings from not using them enough because weight training makes you bulky.

Not squatting or lunging deep enough or with knees wide enough

Solutions: Squat and lunge, dropping your hips lower than your knees like a 2 year old or any indigenous person can do for hours. Slowly work yourself into this with the TRX. This lowers your weight so you can concentrate on your mechanics. Pull your knees out wider than your feet on your squat and lunges like a frog.

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